• Student Services Overview

    School Counselors: School Counselors provide vital support for all students in the Upper Moreland School District.  From daily check-ins with students, referrals for outside mental health services, providing guidance and support for college and post-secondary educational opportunities, and lending a supportive ear for student problems, the school counselor is a versatile role that supports all students. 

    Nursing Services: Upper Moreland School Nurses provide for the daily healthcare of students to help maximize their learning potential. They oversee immunization, physical, and dental guidelines, respond to student illness and injury, and administer medications.

    School Psychologists:  School Psychologists provide various supports to students in the Upper Moreland School District.  As an important part of the Student Assistance Program Team they provide guidance on learning and other educational issues that arise and offer insight into how to address concerns.  School psychologists also perform the vital role of evaluating students for special education services, 504 plans, and mentally gifted services.

    Homeless and Foster Students: Students without fixes and adequate nighttime housing are considered homeless and are eligible for a free and appropriate public education under the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act.  Students who are currently living in a foster care situation are also eligible for services.  For more information, please contact Ms. Jaime DeMeester (215) 830-1513.

    Community Resources: Upper Moreland maintains a list of local services, from food banks to housing partners, to counseling services. If you are in need, please click on the link below to check out this resource.

    ACCESS Waivers

    Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Free and Reduced Lunch Form

    Housing Choice Voucher Program FAQ's- English

    Housing Choice Voucher Program FAQ's- Spanish

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