If You are Moving Out of the School District

    If your family is moving out of the Upper Moreland School District, you will need to email the following people depending on the school where your child is attending They will guide you through the process of withdrawing your child from Upper Moreland School District and make arrangements to send your child's documents to their new school.

    When sending your email to our schools, please include the following information (if you have more than one student, please write to each of the schools where your child is attending 

    • Student(s) first and last name
    • Student(s) current Grade Level
    • Parent(s) first and last name.
    • Your new address.
    • The name of the new school and/or new school district the student(s) will be attending

    If You are Moving Within the School District
    If you have moved within the Upper Moreland School District, you will need to contact our Registrar, Debbie Kuehnle. She is the only person who can change your address in the Student Information system, which is the process used to change your address in Home Access Center and also change your child's bus route, if applicable

    You will need to provide (3) Proof of Residency Documents as your Proof of Residency in Upper Moreland Township:

    1. One (1) Proof of Residence document must be one of the following:

                        ~  Property Deed, Mortgage Statement or current lease* agreement. 

    * Your lease must be current and all occupants must be named on the lease.

    If your children are not listed, ask your landlord for a lease addendum naming the occupants.

    1. In addition you must present TWO (2) other documents of the following: A current Utility Bill, Internal Revenue Statement, current Bank Statement, a pay statement (stub) or current Insurance documents bearing the address on the Property Deed, Mortgage Statement or current Lease.

    If any of the above proofs of Residency are not yet available, a 20 day grace period to establish the change of address will be allowed. Failure to provide this information within the allotted 20 day grace period, may result in the student being removed from the rolls.

    In special circumstances, if any of the above written evidence is unavailable, residency may be confirmed by the Superintendent or designee through a visit to the home and/or confirmation with a rental or real estate agent.

    If you are living with another family in the Upper Moreland School District you will need to take the following steps:

    • If the parent/guardian is not  the owner or lessee of the residence, download a Multiple Occupancy Form  to be completed and notarized.  Proof of Residency for Registration will be either the homeowner's mortgage or the named lessee's current lease* and one (1) other Proof of Residency document, e.g., utility bill, pay stub, bank statement, etc.   
    • Parent/Guardian of the student must present one Proof of Residence current document as their proof of living in the township. 

    You can scan and email the Change of Address residency proof to dkuehnle@umtsd.org

    She will verify your residency information and then make the change.
    If the documents are in order, the Change of Address takes 48 hours to process.
    Questions? Email dkuehnle@umtsd.org