CLASS I – Upper Moreland School Organizations; UM Alumni Association; UM Education Foundation; UM Parent Groups; UM Music Patrons; UM Booster Club; Eastern Center for Arts & Technology; UM Governmental Agencies; and Programs and/or Assemblies identified by the Superintendent as related to education or professional development/training (when 25% or more of the attendees are UMSD staff members)

    FEE: Waiver of all fees (except security/traffic control and custodial/food service fees for overtime, weekends & holidays)

    NOTE: Class I organizations must comply and annually agree that their organizations have written procedures for internal controls as recommended by the Upper Moreland School District.  Failure to comply with District policies, procedures, guidelines and recommendations may result in the loss of an organization being considered Class I.  

    CLASS II – UMHS Summer Basketball Camp; Summer Arts Camp; UM Township Parks & Recreation Youth Activities and Adult Evening programs; UM Non-Profit Youth Organizations; UM Non-Profit Adult Organizations (with 75% of participants being UM residents); UM Organized Charities; and UM Student Groups (with responsible adult).

    FEE:  $15 Participant Fee in lieu of building and field use fees

    CLASS III – All other Organizations (including YMCA) not associated with UM Township.

    FEE:  See attached Fee Schedule