Shannon F
    Mrs. Shannon Franczkowski

    Middle School Principal 

    Mrs. Franczkowski earned a Bachelor of Science in Health & Physical Education from the University of Delaware. She graduated from McDaniel College with a Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Administration.  Mrs. Franczkowski is currently enrolled at Temple University, where she is working towards a doctorate in Educational Leadership. 

    Mrs. Franczkowski has been a school administrator for five years, serving as an Assistant Principal at Upper Moreland High School (2017-2021), and an Assistant Principal at Wissahickon Middle School (2021-2022).  During her time at UMHS, Mrs. Franczkowski developed the UMatter Program, including the UMatter Den to provide students and their families with access to grab-and-go meal kits.  Mrs. Franczkowski was responsible for the master schedule, course selection, and building-wide logistics.  She collaborated with team leaders, supervised all departments during her time at UMHS while working with data teams to raise student achievement, and was responsible for grades 9-12 discipline and student attendance.  At Wissahickon Middle School, Mrs. Franczkowski led the schedule committee and developed pathways for student interventions and enrichment in grades 6-8.  Prior to her work as a school administrator, Mrs. Franczkowski taught PK-12 itinerant adapted physical education in the Howard County Public School System, Maryland, and served as the Program Head for students and their families across the county.  In addition, Mrs. Franczkowski was a Family and Consumer Science teacher at Wissahickon High School and also held various leadership roles including: Assistant Athletic Director, district-wide committee co-chair, advisor for student character education initiatives, and coach. 

    Mrs. Franczkowski is proud to be a Golden Bear and is looking forward to working with the students, staff, and families of Upper Moreland Middle School. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading to her daughter, grilling with her husband on the weekends, and riding her bicycle on Saturday mornings. Mrs. Franczkowski loves ice cream and her favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough!