• Use of School District Swimming Facilities

    Pool Preparation & Lifeguard Responsibilities

    1. Insure emergency phone is operative.
    2. District must comply with Board of Health testing requirements.  Use outside of the school day may result in assessment of charges for testing to be performed by district personnel.
    3. Rope separating diving well from the shallow end must be in place at the times (only exception is when swim meet lane lines are in place).
    4. All safety equipment must be checked for being in proper place and working order.
    5. Oxygen tanks must be checked to insure proper pressure.
    6. Insure that no electrical cords or any other hazardous devices are in the pool area.
    7. The turtle is removed from the pool and properly stored away.
    8. All doors housing equipment are properly secured.
    9. Diving boards must be down and in proper position.

    Pool Rules & Regulations

    1. If a group arrives early for their scheduled pool time and another group is still in the pool area, the early arrivals must remain in the lobby area until the pool area is clear.
    2. School District scheduled certified lifeguards are required.  Upper Moreland School District reserves the right to appropriately assign the lifeguards based on the number of participants using the facility. Pool availability is limited to availability of district approved lifeguards.
    3. Shower before entering the pool.
    4. Children with diapers are not permitted in the pool.
    5. Obey the lifeguard.
    6. Do not distract the lifeguard.
    7. No diving in shallow end, sides, from lifeguard stand, or from starting blocks.  Diving only on diving board or deep end of pool.
    8. No shoes on deck and no swimwear in lobby.
    9. Spectators must sit on bleachers or stand along the wall.  No one may be near the pool edge.
    10. Only swimsuits may be worn in the pool.
    11. No smoking, food or drink permitted in pool area or locker rooms.
    12. The storing of food, drinks or snacks in the pool area, locker rooms, closets or any other area is prohibited.
    13. Persons who are ill or have open wounds, head lice, select skin disorders, communicable diseases, etc. are not permitted in pool.
    14. Spitting is prohibited.
    15. For safety purposes, the weakest swimmers must be placed in lane one, closest to lifeguard.
    16. No horseplay, running, dunking, pushing, or splashing of others.
    17. No playing with rescue equipment.
    18. No hanging on ropes.
    19. Use of kick boards, floats, and miscellaneous equipment with permission of lifeguard only.
    20. Showers and sinks must not be left running.  This is both dangerous (hot water) and expensive.
    21. An adult must attend to small children always.
    22. Place trash in receptacles, not on locker room floor or pool deck.
    23. Locker rooms to be monitored before and after practices.
    24. At the conclusion of the event or swim program, all participants must leave the building in a timely manner to allow proper securing of the exits.