• 30 Daily Exercises   

    Upper Moreland Middle School
    Daily Exercises Book Series
    Vol. 1: 30 Daily Exercises
    Vol. 2: Daily Exercises, Percussion
    Vol. 3: Daily Exercises, Jazz 
    Vol. 4: Daily Exercises, Summer
    Vol. 5: Tunes, A Study of Musical Terms
    I wrote these exercises and put together these books for you. Please bring them to your rehearsals and to your lessons. 
    I play these exercises too and others like them in order to keep my technique in tip-top shape. The idea is to internalize the material so that you don't have to think about it anymore while playing. Instead of thinking note by note, your fingers just move...effortlessly on their own...similar to how you are reading this very sentence. I designed the exercises to improve everything from sight reading, finger speed, to improvising your own melodies.
    All students involved with either Jazz Band 1 or Jazz Band II will receive the "Daily Jazz Exercises" book. This book is filled with material aimed at unlocking the students' own creativity. The exercises will free up their fingers to allow the music in their own heads to freely come out of their instruments...without written music.
    Practice these exercises daily! 
    -Brian Stahl