• K-12 Music Philosophy
    We believe that music...
    • is an integral part of a complete education;
    • develops the entire person and evokes the very essence of humanity;
    • benefits society by promoting a culture of excellence;
    • fosters teamwork;
    • integrates understanding from multiple disciplines;
    • develops creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and evaluative skills;
    • leads to an improved self-concept;
    • expands cultural awareness.


    We believe that students...
    • discover and develop a potential, unique to the discipline;
    • develop life-long skills.
    Best practices for general music guide us to...
    • design lessons that help students express themselves vocally, creatively, and kinesthetically through music;
    • set high expectations for student learning and have class expectations that are clearly conveyed to children and parents;
    • provide students with multiple opportunities to perform a varied repertoire of music alone, as well as with small and large groups;
    • use a variety of assessments that are used to monitor and encourage each student's musical achievements;
    • develop and maintain a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable creating and performing in front of peers in a variety of small and large settings.