• Great Resources
    for Practicing and Creating Music 
    I am always listening to these streams. Sound quality is excellent and in HD. Listen every moment you can and soon you'll find that your sounding like these players. 
    Click here to listen to live jazz from Philadelphia WRTI 90.1
    Click here to listen to live classical from Philadelphia WRTI 90.1
    A great on-line metronome to practice with! 
    Practice sight reading. This will generate music for you to play similar to my "counting rhythms." Set it to level 1 (simple) to get started.
    This is a virtual piano which is especially helpful for percussionists to practice mallets if you don't have a bell kit or keyboard at home.
    A Dubstep beat creator. Great for making background tracks to perform on top off. Also great practice by playing to the steady beat you create.
    Don't forget to push the "Sync" button after adding a beat to get them back in sync. 
    The best site ever for learning to play jazz tunes! In band I teach you how to read music but that's not how jazz musicians learned their tunes. They went to clubs and listened to really great players play and then would go home and try to play the song on their instrument based on what they remember. These jazz musicians would develop amazing ears and could remember a lot of music...because they didn't have the music in front of them. Fortunately, we have great videos of these players playing their music so you can learn the tunes in the comfort of your own room. Go to this site, pick a tune and watch the videos. The site has no sheet music so you learn the tune by using your ear to play along.
    Do you have a tricky rhythm that is bugging you? You can go here and type in the rhythm and it will tell you how it should sound.
    Great site with games and info about music theory. It also has an excellent ear training game.
    Instructions on how to get started with "musictheory.net" click here: Getting started
    Great games for naming notes and learning fingerings for your instrument!
    Great games for general musicianship
    Make and print blank sheet music so that you can write down your own great musical ideas!
    Noteflight is a free web based music notation program to make and print your own professional looking music. This is great for composing your own songs....try it, it's easier than you think. You don't even have to download a program. They do require an email to log on. You can put in notes and the program will play back the tune you are writing so you can change it if you want it to sound different. When you're done go ahead and print it out and have some friends at school try to play it with you.
    This is where I select band music for you to play during the school year. Did I miss a cool tune you think we should play? Let me know. You can listen to the tunes on the site. They are divided by categories such as jazz band, marching band, concert band, pop, etc...
    Our local music store's website...Music and Arts Center on Easton Rd. in Hatboro.