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Chorus is a graded class offered to all students at UMMS during the school day. Classes meet every other day and are separated by gender and grade with the exception of 8th Grade Chorus, which is mixed gender. The class is student selected; if a student wants to learn to improve their singing and musical literacy, they can opt to take this class instead of general music. There are two required evening performances a year and two school assemblies. The concert uniform is the same for everyone; black shirt, (must have sleeves), black pants, black shoes (no sandals, open-toed shoes or high heels). Boys can wear brightly colored neckties. Students are graded on skill development, preparedness for class and participation in rehearsals and performances. the grading scale is 'O' (Outstanding/95%), 'S' (Satisfactory/85%) and 'U' (Unsatisfactory/65%).
This year's concerts will be available when the school calendar is completed. Students report to the middle school auditorium at 7:15 pm in their concert attire. The assembly is the following morning. Students are to wear their concert attire to school. They may bring clothes to change into after the morning performance. Evening performances are free to the community.
There are occasional performances outside the school. Information and permission slips will be posted on the website as these performances are approved.
Handouts provided to each 6th & 7th grade student this year:
Dorney Park Trip Information:
DORNEY PARK TRIP FOR 7th and 8th Grade Chorus

WHEN: Friday, May 26
MEET: Students meet in auditorium immediately when they get to school in the morning.
WEAR: UM Music Dorney T-Shirt that I will give them on Thursday 
RETURN: Back to UMMS approx. 7:30 pm
Chaperones - Please sign in at the main office at 7:30 am on Friday for a meeting before we leave.

Details, Reminders, and Stuff to Bring

We will leave UMMS at 8:30am (on buses) and return around 7:30pm (on buses) Optional spending money for snacks, drinks, souvenirs. **Students bring a packed lunch.**
Students wear UM Music Dorney T-shirt (will be handed out on Thursday) Wear sneakers, no flip flops The UM T-shirt may not be written on or altered in any way with scissors (cutting off sleeves, etc..) Students should wear sunblock Spending money is optional. A watch or cell phone to be aware of the time Students will return to UMMS at approx 7:30 pm for you to pick them up

*For more information you may visit the festival’s website; www.trillsandthrills.com

Opportunity This exciting festival provides the opportunity to reinforce the high musical standards we strive to instill in our music program at Upper Moreland Middle School.

Performance We will perform two musical selections in the morning in front of 2 judges. This performance will take place indoors at Boyertown High School. The students will receive an evaluation of their performance, including taped and written comments, by adjudicators familiar with the abilities of school-aged musicians.

Dorney Park After receiving an award plaque and rating, the group will eat their bagged lunch and spend the rest of the day at Dorney Park. We will return to Upper Moreland Middle School at 7:30pm.

Contact: Mrs. Burzi can be reached using the Remind App throughout the day.

Permission/Transportation Slips:

7th/8th Grade Dorney Park Adjudication Information and Permission Slip 

This year, vocal music students will be given the opportunity to participate in a most exciting opportunity!  Members of the Upper Moreland Vocal Music Department along with other students from select schools in the Philadelphia area will join together to perform the televised song and dance finale for the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Participating students must attend a mandatory 1.5 hour rehearsal and recording session on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, from 1:00-2:30 PM on the steps of the Museum of Art.  On Thanksgiving Day, we will meet outside the Elementary Center in the early morning, as all performers are expected to arrive to the Museum of Art by 8:00 AM.  The finale performance will conclude by Noon, at which time all students will be bused back to the Elementary Center for parent pick-up.  Participation and busing fees will be determined once we have a count of participants.
PMEA Song Fest - The Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) sponsors festivals for band, chorus, and orchestra at every school level; elementary, middle/junior high and high school. Participants are selected by their music teachers to learn special music, and go to the host school to work with a renowned guest conductor. The festival itself is one full day, starting in the morning and rehearsing throughout the day to prepare the concert for that evening. UMMS students are participating in one Song Fest this year.
1.) Elementary Song Fest - Consists of participants in 5th and 6th grades. Singers will work on their own with practice tracks to prepare/memorize music before the day of the festival. This year's festival is being held at Upper Perkiomen High School on Wednesday, March 22nd (snow date on 3/23/2017).  Students are to wear white shirts and black pants. Rehearsal will begin at noon and the concert will start at 7:00 pm.
2.) Junior High Song Fest - Consists of participants in 7th, 8th and 9th grades.  Singers will work on their own with practice tracks to prepare/memorize music before the day of the festival.  This year the festival is being held at Springfield Township High School on Thursday, March 20th.  
 Junior High Song Fest Practice Tracks: 
The Cuckoo, Alto: 
The Cuckoo, Alto (alternate format, if direct link above does not work) 
The Cuckoo, Soprano:  
The Cuckoo, Soprano w/Descant:  
The Cuckoo, Baritone: Use this link
May Joyful Music Fill the Air, Alto:  
My Joyful Music Fill the Air, Soprano:  
My Joyful Music Fill the Air, Baritone: 
Ose Shalom, Alto:  
Ose Shalom, Soprano:  
Ose Shalom, Baritone:  
Until I Reach-a Mah Home, Alto:  
Until I Reach-a Mah Home, Soprano:  
Until I Reach-a Mah Home, Baritone: Use this link