• Umms Marching Unit


    Detailed schedules will be available at the first rehearsal/meeting on September 6th. 
    *Information Meeting and First Rehearsal:  Wednesday - Sept 6th (2023) from 2:30-4:15 the middle school auditorium. Bring your instruments so you can play along.  Students will receive a detailed information packet at this meeting. Late buses are available to take your student home. 
    Marching Unit Registration: Click this registration link to enroll. It's under "MS Band Activities" https://uppermorelandsd.revtrak.net/ms/ms-activity-fees/ms-activity-fees-fall/#/v/middle-school-band-activities

    The Marching Band is a large group comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. All instruments are invited to join. The group has three parts to it: the band, the drum line, and the guard (swinging flags, etc…). The marching band performs outside while creating exciting pictures and formations on the field.  It is an exciting show! We have a new exciting show for this year which will be revealed soon!


    The group rehearses after school three days a week in September: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:30-4:15. (Only Tues and Thurs in October). A late bus is available to take your child home.


    Marching Band is a wonderful social experience! The group has between 80 to 100 students involved, so making new friends and developing long-term friendships are a big part of the experience. "Working together" is the number one goal of Marching Band. The older, more experienced students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by taking on student leadership positions such as Section Leaders, Drum Majors, and Equipment Handlers.


    Later in life, marching band participants have fond memories of their experiences. Upper Moreland has an AMAZING high school marching band where the students will get to continue their experience. These memories and friendships last a lifetime!


    Joining both the Middle School Jazz Band and the Middle School Marching Band is typical and encouraged as the schedules are designed to not conflict with each other. The Marching Band ends just as the Jazz Band picks up. 


    Marching Band Uniform

    We provide the main marching band uniform top

    You provide the following:

    1) Black shoes (dress shoes if possible)

    2) Black dress pants


    Guard Uniform

    We provide the main guard uniform

    There is an activity fee of $25 for Marching Band
    -Mr. Stahl 
     Trumpet Solo
    Marching Band  
    Drum-line & Guard  
    A Happy Audience!