• Change of Address or Phone Numbers
    boy on bus
    If you need to change your child's address please go to this webpage for the instructions. https://www.umtsd.org/Page/5283
    For a change in your phone number, it must be changed with the respective school(s) that your child attends or changed through the Student Services Office (215) 830-1515.
    Those changes are then forwarded to the Transportation Office by the school.
    DO NOT call the Transportation Office with these changes. We are not permitted to make any changes until the information is received from the school(s) or the Student Services Office.

    *CHANGES IN TRANSPORTATION WITHIN TOWNSHIP MUST BE FIVE DAYS PER WEEK AS WELL AS CONSISTENT FROM WEEK TO WEEK.  A SPECIALIZED TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM  BE FILLED OUT AND DELIVERED TO THE TRANSPORTATION OFFICE.* (This includes all changes for students attending daycare) The form may be mailed, faxed or filled out in the Transportation Department during office hours.

    All changes take approximately 24 to 48 hours to complete. The transportation office will contact the appropriate individuals with the information once the change is completed.