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    Is the Transportation Department open during the summer?
    The answer is yes. We are busy creating/updating bus routes, updating student information, training new employees, cleaning our buses in preparation for the new school year, and gathering student roster information from over 70 schools we transport to and from.
    Will my child have the same driver every day?
    Your child may have different drivers for the a.m. or p.m. routes. This is necessary sometimes due to scheduling conflicts such as early dismissals, trips, etc. In addition, the vast difference in school calendars and programs has had a severe effect on our department in regards to time constraints, staffing shortages and limited equipment availability. When these factors are put together, it creates a “domino” effect that may impact several routes at a time. Please be assured that every effort is made to keep driver changes to a minimum and schedules running on time.

    When will I find out what bus my child will ride?
    Bus tickets are mailed in mid August for each student that is eligible for transportation. As you can imagine, there are many changes each year in student rosters, addresses and class/school assignments. This information is updated and each eligible child is assigned a bus stop and a bus route.

    My child is starting Kindergarten this year. What do I need to know to prepare them?
    All information regarding your child's busing will be mailed via the U. S. Postal Service in mid August. You will receive a bus ticket badge with a letter from our department.

    *Many children are reluctant to speak to an adult they do not know when asked a question such as their name. For this reason, it is important to have your child wear the bus badge for the first month of school. This also acts as an aid to staff assisting students to their assigned buses at the end of each day.

    Is it required that there be a responsible adult at the bus stop to receive my child every day?
    Yes. Should there be no one at the bus stop, your child will be brought back to school or the Transportation Office and you will need to pick them up. Please let the driver or the Transportation Office know, preferably in writing, ahead of time if the “usual” person is not there to receive your child.
    Kindergarten students are not permitted to be left at the bus stop by themselves. This is for the safety of your child. In addition, bus drivers cannot wait at bus stops for prolonged periods of time as they have a time restricted schedule to keep.

    Bus safety classes are taught to the students in the Primary School within the first two months of school. Children learn the importance of school bus safety as well as what is expected of them while they are waiting for and riding the bus.

    I saw on the news that school is opening two hours late. What time should I take my child to the bus stop?
    The Upper Moreland School District Emergency Closing Number is 310. Should school open two hours late, the pick up time for your child will be two hours later than normal pick up time. For example, if the bus normally picks your child up at 8:30 a.m. and there is a two hour late arrival, the bus will be at the stop at 10:30 a.m.
    If school is opening late or closed due to inclement weather or emergencies, local television stations are notified, the information is posted on our district website at www.umtsd.org,  and on the district cable channel (Comcast subscribers are channel 60/Verizon Fios channel 37).
    Please keep in mind on days of inclement weather and late arrivals, buses may be running late due to traffic and road conditions.
    Upper Moreland Schools are opening two hours late or closed due to inclement weather. My child's non-public school is open. Will there be transportation?
    No. If the district vehicles are not operating due to inclement weather, no district transportation will be provided to out of district schools. If there is a delay in operation, the delay applies to all district vehicles.
    Can my child's friend ride their bus to or from school with them?
    For safety reasons, we do not allow any students to ride on any buses they are not assigned to on a regular basis. Students who do not reside in Upper Moreland will also not be permitted to ride district buses.
    What should I do if my family is moving? 
    Please go to this webpage for instructions.