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    March 31, 2021
    Dear Upper Moreland Families,
    Thank you to our families and community for the work over the past week regarding the five day return to school. Yesterday the Pennsylvania Department of Education Updated their guidance to mirror the CDC guidance regarding Social Distancing. The District continues to receive elections by families to return to school over the past week paired with increasing requests from families for transportation services. 
    Based on the increased ridership, the Transportation Department will be making the following adjustments: 
    1) Individuals will be assigned to multiple seating arrangements based upon households. This could be up to 3 individuals per seat on elementary runs.
    2) Students will load the buses in the morning based upon students first on the bus moving all the way to the back and filling in seats on the outside first (both sides) and then additional students filling in. This creates a break in terms of the 15 minute guidelines for contact tracing, which is a best practice.
    3) The reverse will be true in terms of loading at the end of the day, to ensure that the students who are on the bus for the longest amount of time will have reduced proximity to individuals.
    4) In consultation with the transportation, there may be situations where three students may be in a seat that are not from the same household. However, with this new approach to the seating procedure, those students would be at the end of the morning run and therefore spending less time in proximity to others.
    Masking is required at all times (which again, the District continues to be advised is the best mitigation strategy) and that new seating assignments/processes will assist in minimizing time spent in proximity.
    UMTSD Transportation Department


    Kelly Rhodunda
    Transportation Manager
    Transportation Supervisor - Vacant

    Margie Pomponio
    Transportation Clerk 

    The Upper Moreland Transportation Department is responsible for the transportation of approximately 3,400 students each day to approximately 70 public and private schools. Our fleet of vehicles is district owned and operated twelve months per year and consists of 34 full size buses (72 passenger), 1 - 48 passenger bus, 8 mini buses, and 15 vans. Bus safety and the appropriate behavior of students is a very important concern of Upper Moreland School District. Students and parents are reminded that their cooperation is greatly needed to assist in our efforts to transport students safely. During the school year, your child will receive instruction on proper bus behavior and safety. It is important to reinforce these rules and safety procedures with your child.