• Proof of Age must be submitted during the
    Working Paper application process. 
    • Birth Certificate • Passport • Drivers License/Learner’s Permit • Baptismal Certificate
    • Note from Family Doctor attesting to Student’s age
     Evidence of Proof of Age Must Accompany
    Completed Signed Application

    Students Under 16 Years of Age
    A written statement by the parents or legal guardian acknowledging understanding of the duties and hours of employment and granting permission to work is required. This form will be provided by the employer and returned to the employer. (Link – LLC-75)

    Students Under 14 Years of Age
    Minors under age 14, under certain restrictions, may be employed:
    • Caddies – 12 Years and Older
    • News Carriers – 11 Years and Older
    • Performers in the Entertainment Field ( Link – LLC-12)
    Additional Information regarding employment applications, hours of employment, prohibited occupations and penalties may be obtained by clicking on the following link. Abstract of Child Labor Act (Link – LLC-75)

    Changes to Procedures effective January 22, 2013:
    1. Students are not required to have a job or job prospect in order to obtain working papers.
    2. Approval from the family physician is no longer required. Physical examinations are no longer required.
    3. Parents and Guardians are no longer required to sign the work permit application in the issuing officer’s presence.
    4. One single work permit for all age groups.
    5. Issuing officer and/or enforcement officer (school administrator, Superintendent) may deny or revoke student work permit if academic achievement is not maintained.
    6. Employer is required to notify school district within 5 days of student obtaining work and the number of hours student will be required to work.
    7. Employer must have parent or guardian complete Parental Acknowledgement of Minors Duties and Hours of Employment form for students under 16 years of age. This form is kept on file with the Employer. The School District does not receive a copy.
    You can access the new Child Labor Act and an Abstract of the Child Labor Act Hours Provisions on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s website at this link.