Frequently Asked Questions

    Book Checkouts


    How many books can I check out at one time?

     2 books


    How long can a book be checked out?

     Books are checked out for a two-week period.  They can be renewed up to two times. 

    Reference books can be checked out overnight with no renewals.


    Does the school library charge overdue fines?

     Yes. Five cents a day will be charged for each overdue book with the exception of reference books which are twenty five cents a day.  If the student has an overdue book this book should be returned before taking out new books.


    What is the student's responsibility if a book is lost or damaged?

     Students are responsible for all materials checked out in their name.  Students with books that are lost or damaged will be asked to pay to replace the book.  If a student pays a fine for a lost book and then finds the book the library will issue a refund.


    Library Hours

          *Students may come before and after school with a pass

     The library is open every day from 8:00 until 2:45.

    Students are allowed to visit the library for new books or information when given permission by the classroom teacher.


     Electronic Sources


    What sources other than books are available in the library?

     Each computer in the building is linked to the on-line catalogue as well as the Internet. POWER Library with periodical listings, the AP Photo Archive, SIRS DISCOVERER and other on-line reference databases.