• Breakfast at our Schools

    Sunny Egg


    We make school breakfast one of their highest priorities, in order to reduce hunger and support the health and educational potential of students.

    Why School Breakfast?

    • Improved classroom performance-better test score and grades
    • Increased ability for your child to focus on school work
    • Students are healthier, happier, and more productive in the classroom
    • Increased attendance rates

    What is in a School Breakfast?

    • Milk
    • Juice or Fruit
    • Cereal or bagel or pancakes or muffins or Egg McMoreland Sandwiches, and more
    • Elementary Center - $1.15
    • Middle School - $ 1.15
    • High School - $1.25

    Use Your PrePay Account for Breakfast, too!

    • At the Elementary Center we offer Before Care Breakfast and 'Breakfast on the Run.' Before Care Breakfast is served at no charge to children in this program. Breakfast on the Run - all the components of school breakfast are conveniently packaged so students can easily grab a reimbursable meal quickly, and head off to their classroom.
    • At the Middle School, our breakfast is self-serve. We are open for breakfast as soon as you exit the bus or enter school. Students select from cereal, bagels, and two choices of entrée each day. Just click in your Pre-Pay Café number and receive breakfast each day.
    • At the High School, we are open by 7:15 a.m. for the Easy Riser breakfast, stop in as you exit the bus or enter school. Just click in your Pre-Pay Café number at breakfast each day. For those students with an "Open" in the café, you may enjoy the Second Chance Breakfast. This is only for these students. Food and beverages will not be sold between the change of classes. Food and beverages are not permitted to be removed from the café.