• Introduction to Materials Technology
    This course will introduce the student to the integration and interrelationships of materials and processes for construction and manufacturing, through the use of various materials and systems. Lab-based student-centered activities will analyze the goals, inputs, processes and outputs of manufacturing and construction systems. Students will organize and operate a simulated manufacturing and/or construction enterprise that will emphasize organizational structures and management strategies.
    Below are examples of projects that might be worked on in this class:


                                                                                 Students design, test, fabricate, and sell
                                                        a product such as this stool
    CNC Router
                                                                                   Students also use computer controlled
                                                        machines like this one to design and
                                                         fabricate custom pieces
                                                        Students learn about metals and basic
                                                        welding with a torch and MIG welder
                                                          Through chemistry experiments,
                                                          Students will learn about the
    injection molder                                                      properties of plastics, while making
                                                          substances like "slime" and "putty"
                                                                                     Students will explore the production
                                                          end of plastics by making signs and
                                                          packaging using the vacuum former
    Plastic Bee
                                                                                 Students will also explore other
                                                       modern plastic manufacturing
                                                       methods such as the injection molder
                                                         Plastics can be used to protect delicate
                                                         items such as this bee
                                                        Students will also learn traditional
                                                        process, such as turning a pen on
                                                        the mini-lathe