• nhs symbolUpper Moreland High School Chapter
    of the
    National Honor Society


    I. Students must be invited to become members.
    II. Any student anticipating applying for NHS is advised to complete the community service requirement by volunteering
        at least 10 hours with a single non-profit organization over the summer. A community service verification form will be
        required along with the application.
    III. Each August, juniors and seniors whose unweighted, cumulative grade point average is 3.6 or higher will be invited
          to submit an application.    
    IV. During September each application will be reviewed by the Faculty Selection Committee to
          determine if the student
     qualifies in the areas of SERVICE, LEADERSHIP and CHARACTER.
    If a student does not meet the community service requirement and feels he/she has extenuating circumstances which prevent the attainment of this standard, then he or she can write a letter (petition) to the Faculty Committee asking to have the service requirement waived. This petition must be turned in with the application and activities survey. It should explain why the student was unable to meet the service requirement. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THE SERVICE REQUIREMENT UNLESS THE LETTER IS RECEIVED WITH THE APPLICATION.
    IV. By the third week of October all students whose applications were returned on time, will receive a
        letter of notification.  Only those students who qualified in all four areas
    (Scholarship, Service,
        Leadership, and Character) will be asked to become members.
    V. In late October or early November a formal ceremony will be held for the induction of all new members. 
         Inductees are expected to
    attend the ceremony.