• Upper Moreland Township School District
    Facilities Department

    Request for Waiver of Participant Fees
    Pre-approved Services to the District

    The following was approved by the Board of School Directors on 3/23/2010: 

    For Upper Moreland non-profit and community organizations, a ten dollar per participant fee will be assessed.  This fee will be collected one time per activity season or year by the organization, with collected funds provided to the school district.  Pre-approved services to the District may be utilized to reduce or eliminate the ten dollar activity fee.  This fee is being collected in accordance with Board Policy 707.


    In order to request Pre-approved services to the District to reduce or eliminate the fee, the following criteria must be met:

    1)      A plan or outline of your proposed improvement, purchase, or service along with your suggested timeline.

    a.  Donation may be in the form of a purchased item for the school district (i.e. the purchase of equipment such as soccer nets, bleachers, playground equipment, fencing, wrestling mats, etc.).  Please refer to the posted list for eligible items. 

    b.  Donation may be in the form of service, including materials and labor to renovate or improve existing fields or facilities on district property

    c.   All donations must be accompanied with actual or estimated costs associated with the donation.

    d.  Past history of donations may not be utilized for requests for future fee waivers. 

    2)      An estimate of the number of participants per activity season in your organization who qualify for the ten dollar activity fees.  Past history of registrations / participants should be included.

    3)      The waiver of fees will only apply to normal ongoing use of the facilities by Upper Moreland non-profit and community organization groups using our fields or facilities and have registered participants in attendance.

    4)      Building Rental fees will not be waived for tournaments or special events held on district property. 

    5)      All requests must be submitted to the Business Manager at the Upper Moreland Township School District, 2900 Terwood Road, Willow Grove, PA  19090

    6)      Requests must be submitted by May 15 for fall sports and November 1st  for spring sports.

    7)     The school board will review each request to determine the amount of the reduced or eliminated fees.  After Board action, notice will be returned to your group.  A copy of that letter should be included with every request for facility use.