Bulletin Board
For the week of January 23rd
First and Second Year Students
  - All lessons follow regularly scheduled weekly lessons
  - 1st Year drummers have earned the privilege to use school owned drums after the winter break
AM Rehearsals (Music Calendar)
Friday.........................Gold String Ensemble 
ALL Students should bring the following to each lesson:
  -  Instrument
  -  Lesson Book
  - 1 inch 3 ring binder (no filler paper)
  - Pencil

Qualifying for a Performing Ensemble
The required skills/standards are as follows:

All students must be able to proficiently (independently)

_____ Demonstrate self-control and appropriate listening skills.

_____ Demonstrate proper developing technique. (Instrument hold, sitting/standing position, posture)

_____ Produce a quality developing characteristic tone for the following*:

*Winds: Play five pitches/notes (the first five taught pitches).

*Percussion: Play quarter, eighth note values. Count quarter, half, whole rest durations.

*Strings: Play D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D. Open G and E strings.

_____ Read/identify/play the mentioned pitches using quarter, half, whole value durations.

_____ Demonstrate independent playing skills for a large group setting through duets.

_____ Maintain a steady beat.

Need Supplies/Repairs? 

Students' weekly assignments are notated on their weekly practice log
Please monitor students' practice habits and sign the log prior to their lesson
Practice logs should remain in the binder for the entire year
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