New Student Grades 3-12 Registration


1. Three (3) Documents to present as your Proof of Residency in Upper Moreland Township:

  1. One (1) Proof of Residence document must be a Property Deed, Mortgage Statement or current lease agreement. If your lease is month to month, you are still required to bring your expired lease and a dated letter from the landlord on letterhead, stating you are a current resident with your address and contact phone number for the landlord.
    In addition to the mortgage or lease you must also bring:
  2. TWO (2) of the following: current Utility Bill, Internal Revenue Statement, current Bank Statement, or current Insurance documents bearing the address on the Property Deed, Mortgage Statement or current Lease.
  • If the parent/guardian is not the owner or lessee of the residence, download a Multiple Occupancy Form to be completed and notarized.  Proof of Residency for Registration will be the owner's mortgage or current lease and one other owner Proof of Residency document e.g., utility bill, pay stub, bank statement, etc.   Parent/Guardian of student must present one Proof of Resident document as their proof of living in the township. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Student Services office at (215) 830-1515. Click here for Physician's Report for the annual physical. Click here the Dental Form.
2.  Obtain and present a copy of Child's Current Immunization Report from their Physician (who may provide you with a computer printout) OR submit a Physician Signed Medical Exempt Form

* Please note: New Students are required to submit a physical prior to the start of school in September.

We understand that many of these physicals will be performed over the months after the March Registration and prior to the start of school, and the expectation is that the parents will submit these physicals in August at the Open House or prior to the start of school.

If this is NOT the case for your child and their physical will be performed shortly AFTER the start of school, please bring a copy of their most recent physical to Registration Night.
You will present this to the nurse and inform her of the date of the upcoming scheduled physical for your child.
Physical Examination Form

Dental Examination Form 


3. Birth Certificate of Student
4. Report Card 
5. IEP (if applicable)

In addition to items 1-5 listed above, you will also need to Download and fully complete the following Required Forms for your registration appointment:
Bring the completed forms, proof of residence (see above #1), immunization report (#2), and your child’s birth certificate (#3) and report card (#4).
If you have a concern that your child may need a special education program, please call Melanie Munden, Director of Special Education/Support Services, at (215) 830-1516. 

When you have the documents to register your child, please call 215-830-1515  to schedule an appointment with our Registrar, Lynn Briley Trotter.